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Delicious and nutritious: Here are eight Maltese foods that are ACTUALLY healthy
Be warned… you’re going to be hungry after reading this!

Emma Galea

Though relatively lesser-known, traditional Maltese food is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Whether we’re talking about the iconic figolli or the mouth-watering hobz biz-zejt, our tiny islands are home to an unending range of dishes that are waiting to tantalise our taste buds.

Despite being synonymous with oily and fatty delicacies like pastizzi and qassatat, Maltese cuisine is comprised of some very nutritious meals. So, just in case you weren’t sure – yes, it is possible to enjoy local foods that are on the healthier side.

Here are eight of our favourite healthy Maltese dishes:


This delicious soup is brimming with some of Malta’s best and freshest offerings, like broad beans and fresh gbejna. If you ask us, kusksu’s best enjoyed on a cold winter’s night.


Minestra is somewhat similar to kusksu, and it’s just as hearty! This classic Maltese soup is made up of a mix of local vegetables making it the perfect local dish for vegans and vegetarians.

Add some pasta and meat into the mix, and you’ve just turned your minestra into a kawlata – another super traditional Maltese soup.


In the mood for a light snack or looking to give your guests a taste of Malta? Then bigilla’s got your back! Made up of mashed beans, olive oil, and some seasonings, this dip is best enjoyed with traditional Maltese galletti.

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White beans with garlic and parsley

Side dishes don’t get much simpler than this! Add some garlic, parsley, and olive oil to cooked white beans and you’ve got the perfect summertime snack.

Stuffat tal- ġbejniet u l-bajd

Though this might not be a super well-known dish, we can promise you that it’s just as tasty as all the others. This stew is made of goats’ milk ġbejniet, eggs, cauliflower, and plenty of vegetables, which come together to make one incredibly tasty stew.


There are dozens of ways you can serve lampuki – we’re talking fried, in a pie, in pasta, on kebabs, raw, or cured (and that’s just scratching the surface).

Whichever way tickles your fancy, you can rest assured that there’s a protein-filled lampuki dish for you.


Another fish-filled Maltese dish is the delightful aljotta soup.

Pretty much every family has its own rendition of this delicacy; all you need to make it is your favourite fish, some vegetables, fresh mint, and lemon. Bring them all together in this amazing soup and you’ll be hooked in no time.


Now, onto dessert…

This sweet Maltese Lenten delicacy is completely dairy and egg-free, making it a great healthy option for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Are there any other healthy Maltese foods that we missed?

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20th January 2023

Emma Galea
Written by
Emma Galea
Emma is a Gozitan writer who loves all things related to English literature and history. When not busy studying or writing you will either find her immersed in a fictional book or at the cinema trying to watch as my films as she possibly can!

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