The Victoria Lines or as it was original know as the North West Wall, were built along the top of the escarpment known as the Great Fault line. This surprising geology feature of Malta divides the island in half and gives the walker a great scenic view.

You can walk across the whole island of Malta along each individual section that makes up as a whole Malta’s Victoria Lines. The walking route along the Lines is one of the most spectacular and peaceful walking paths on the islands of Malta and Gozo.

When hiking along you can also view most of the rest of Malta, both north and south, and on a clear day also view the cliffs of Gozo. If you walk the route in spring or late autumn you will also experience the wonderful flowers, smells and honey bees of Malta.

It is fairly easy to walk the route as it is so obvious. There are just a couple of bits where modern building work has broken up the route but even in these places you can still see where you need to be in the short distance.

Basically you can do the walk without the need for a paid personal guide, as long as you know where to start and finish.

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